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Is It Time for New Fence Installation?

Your business’s security is a top priority for you, so knowing when it’s time for a new fence installation can help you stay ahead of those security risks. Back in August, Biddle & Brown discussed the variables that determine your fence installation cost  and about speaking with a contractor to get the best quote possible. Let’s further that conversation by talking about how to know if it’s time for a new fence. 

Tree Growth Near Your Fence

The roots, trunks, and branches of trees that are growing near your fence line can cause all kinds of damage regardless of its material. If it hasn’t created any damage yet, make sure to trim tree limbs and watch for any that may fall. 

If there’s any damage to your fence, you’ll have to replace that section of fencing and possibly remove the tree. You should also make sure to watch for tree roots that could hinder the stability of fence posts and could cause the fence to lean.

Major Damage

Accidents such as falling trees or vehicles running through fences will pretty much guarantee that you’ll need a new fence installation. Severe damage isn’t typically an easy fix, but your business’s insurance may cover the cost of replacing the fence. 

Mismatched Fencing

If several different contractors have constructed the fencing for your property, you may want to consider having a new fence built. When the same contractor creates your entire perimeter, even if they use a few different materials, they will ensure that every part of their work is secure. 

Wooden Fencing

Most commercial fencing contractors recommend you use metal fencing because they last longer and are sturdier than wood fences. If you have recently purchased a new property for your business and the existing fencing is wood, you’ll want to install a new fence. 

Wood fences are more susceptible to deteriorating boards, leaning and sagging, and insect damage, which all reduce how secure your property is. The material may be in good condition now, but make sure you watch out for this type of damage over time. 

Professional Fencing Contractor

Biddle & Brown Fence Company’s experienced sales, management, and fence installation team have completed thousands of commercial and industrial jobs over the past 35 years. Whether you’re looking for ornamental iron fencing, automated entrance gates, or chain link fencing, Biddle & Brown Fence is the commercial fence contractor to call. We offer the highest quality, durable materials available to ensure your assets are protected from vandalism, theft, and the elements. Contact us today at (602) 456-8999 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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