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How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

The cost of fence installation varies depending on several factors such as type, material, length/height, and whether groundwork is needed. Marking utility lines and building permits are other factors to consider. Gates, whether pedestrian or drive-through, along with access control can also impact the cost of fencing. Because no two projects are alike, your best bet is to contact a licensed commercial fencing contractor for an accurate project quote. Professionals will take precise measurements of your property as well.

Commercial Fence Types

Chain Link: One of the most economical options, chain link fencing is ideal for almost any application, even residential. Chain link allows unobstructed views of your commercial property and assets. It also boasts strong and durable characteristics.

chain link

Barbed Wire: Barbed or razor wire can be fitted onto of chain link, ornamental iron, or masonry walls for impenetrable security. This type of barrier is commonly seen at airports, military bases, and detention facilities.

barbed wire

Ornamental Iron: Ornamental provides security, durability, and aesthetics. Steel construction lends itself to environmental friendliness due to its recycled content. Property owners can choose from a wide range of styles as well.

ornamental iron

Gate & Access Control: Gates compliment various other fence types and are sold separately. They provide and control access to secure properties such as residential communities, parking lots, storage facilities, and more. Gate types include swing, cantilever, and rolling.

gate automation

Custom Fence Manufacturing: The versatility of today’s materials has led to the development of custom fence manufacturing. Custom fences are typically created in-shop for virtually any application and then transported to your location. Additionally, they can be constructed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs.

custom fence

Typical Fence Installation Time

While product duration is usually dependent on size and complexity, the turnaround for fence installation ranges from a few days to a few weeks, on average. Custom fencing may require more time from start to finish. Fencing contractors possess the specialized skills and equipment needed to ensure your project comes in on schedule and within budget.

Hire a Professional Fence Installer

Biddle & Brown Fence Company’s experienced sales, management, and fence installation team have completed thousands of commercial and industrial jobs over the past 35 years. Whether you’re looking for ornamental iron fencing, automated entrance gates, or chain link fencing, Biddle & Brown Fence is the commercial fence contractor to call. We offer the highest quality, durable materials available to ensure your assets are protected from vandalism, theft, and the elements. Contact us today at (602) 456-8999 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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