Why You Should Hire a Commercial Fence Contractor

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Fence Contractor

There are many projects considering doing yourself; however, fence installation or replacement is a much easier task to take on when you hire a commercial fence contractor. Professionals possess years of experience and knowledge necessary to install the safest and most quality fence, all in a timely fashion. There are options ranging from ornamental iron to chain link and gate automation with custom designs, seemingly endless choices when you choose to go with a professional fencing company.

Reasons to Hire a Fence Contractor

Licensed with Experience: An experienced fencing company has worked on projects of all sizes for schools, sports venues, government buildings, and many other commercial and industrial properties.

They Ask The Right Questions: They will understand the type of ground they are working with and what wires and pipes may lay beneath the surface. A professional fencing company will have all the tools and equipment to safely and properly install the new fence as well. An experienced contractor will ask questions to determine the type of fence that you would like, and that would be best for your property.

Handling Obstacles: A professional contractor knows how to handle any obstacles that may arise that could impact the quality and appearance of your fence. When a contractor visits your property to give you an estimate, they will check for obstacles like trees, rocks, and anything else that may hinder the fence. They will also evaluate the grade of your property and what type of access their crew will have to the property.

Safety is #1 Priority: The installation of a commercial fence can be incredibly complex. A substantial amount of manpower, tools, and heavy equipment is needed. Safety is an excellent reason to hire a commercial fence contractor because they will have the experience, certifications, and liability insurance that is required to protect everyone involved.

What Questions to Ask

Some of the questions that you will want to ask – especially if you are getting an estimate for a school or commercial property are: 

  • Will they pull permits for your job?  
  • Will they call a utility locator? 
  • What is their timeline? 

These are all questions that need considering when deciding on a reputable fencing company for your installation project.

The cost of pulling permits, if any, should be added to their bid. Contacting a utility locator will give not only the company but you a better idea of what utilities are running underneath your property. Asking for their timeline will provide you with a better idea of how long you will be waiting for them to get their work started. Also, ask if they will be doing the work steadily or breaking it down into sections over an extended time frame.

Contact a Commercial Fence Contractor

Biddle & Brown Fence Company’s experienced sales, management, and installation team have completed thousands of commercial and industrial fences jobs over the past 35 years. Whether you’re looking for ornamental iron fencing, automated entrance gates, or chain link fencing, Biddle & Brown Fence is the commercial fence contractor to call. We offer the highest quality, durable materials available to ensure your assets are protected from vandalism, theft, and the elements. Contact us today at (602) 456-8999 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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