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Why Build Your Baseball Field Now?

It’s that time of year where football and basketball are the focus for sports fans nationwide, but why not get a head start on that baseball field? It lays dormant until spring. Your diamond is disappearing, and that old fence is degrading.

Maybe you’re one of those teams that don’t have an actual field, and you need to have one built, or you have a desire to open a new sports complex.

Fall and winter is the perfect time of year to have your baseball field fencing erected. You will have time to make sure that it’s constructed exactly the way you want.

Field Dimensions

The dimensions of your field and surrounding fencing depends on the league level you’re housing at your facility. The measurements for a pinto baseball league is significantly smaller than that of a high school league. Here are some dimensions that could help if you don’t already know them.

For a pinto baseball league, your left and right foul lines should reach your outfield fencing at 125 feet. The center field should be 175 feet to the fence. A little league field will need their foul-lines to reach the outfield fencing at a minimum distance of 200 feet. The centerfield should be at least 275 feet to the fence.

When erecting baseball field fencing for a high school, college, or pro league, your measurements are almost three times that of a pinto field. The foul lines must reach the outfield fence at a minimum of 325 feet, and the center field must be at least 400 feet to the fence line. According to Sports Rec, the mandatory height for outfield fencing is six feet, but the NCAA recommends that fences be eight feet high.

The Best Fencing Material

Chain link is the recommended fencing for sports fields because they have excellent impact resistance and don’t easily deform. They provide a flat, stable surface that is the most suitable for baseball fields. Chain link generally gets used for backstops, dugouts, batting cages, along with outfield fence lines.

The chain link is designed to prevent injuries or accidents that could occur during sporting events due to thrown or batted balls. They are also aesthetically pleasing and don’t deteriorate as quickly as wood fences; as well as being easy to install. An added benefit of permanent fencing is the ability to add mesh or padding later.

Professionally Installed Baseball Field Fencing

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