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What to Consider Before Selecting an Automatic Gate

A New Year offers an excellent opportunity to renew your commitment to improving your personal or professional life. Perhaps that’s why so many – nearly half of Americans per Scientific American – embrace the new year by resolving to focus on their health and finances. Businesses can also take this opportunity to enhance security without impacting drive-right-in convenience by investing in an automatic gate for their property. These gates are ideal for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential applications.

Before contacting a fence contractor, here are some things to consider, including the different types of gates available.

Things to Consider

When integrating an automatic gate with either a chain link or an ornamental iron fence, there are several things to consider. These include available space and traffic type – pedestrian, vehicular, or a combination of both. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, there are still a few factors to consider, particularly operator type and access control.

Not all operators are created equal, meaning that those designed for slide gates may not be compatible with swing gates, which is why it’s essential to speak with an experienced fence contractor like Biddle & Brown Fence Company before making your decision.

Some of the most common access control solutions include keypads/keycards, magnetic sensors, smart video intercoms, and telephone intercom systems. In addition, higher security facilities, such as military bases, may have staffed personnel providing access to the grounds.

Different Types of Automatic Gates

Swing Gates

These gates swing open, usually inward, although they can also be designed to swing-out. Because they significantly extend when opened, they require a lot of space, making them ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial properties that need to keep vehicular traffic flowing using your choice of magnetic sensors or keypad entry for access control. Swing gates offer a lot of design flexibility, mainly when fabricated from ornamental iron, striking the right balance between aesthetics and performance. 

Sliding Gates

A sliding gate moves horizontally to permit vehicular traffic. There are several types of slide gates with cantilever and track systems among the most popular. You can choose from single- or double-gate assemblies, which slide left or right, depending on your preferred configuration and the available space to clear the driveway. Slide gates are an excellent option for larger openings and can be custom fabricated to reflect your exact specifications. They can also be designed to work manually, although they are best equipped with a gate operator and access control solution for the ultimate convenience. In addition, these gates work best along flat driveways, assuming there’s adequate space on either side.

Vertical Lift Gates

You’ve likely seen these types of gates at warehouses, schools, and parking garages. They are also commonly used at various transportation venues like bus depots, car rental lots, and airports. The simple design of vertical lift gates is ideal for installations with limited property space for a swing or slide gate to open. Like swing and slide, this type of automatic gate can be fabricated with either chain link or ornamental iron, the latter of which offers extensive opportunities for customization.

Biddle & Brown Fence Company specializes in the fabrication and installation of chain-link and ornamental iron fences, along with complete equipment enclosures and automated gates, for various commercial and industrial applications throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Our company is committed to using the most durable materials and gate operators from trusted manufacturers. Please contact us at (602) 456-8999 to discuss your fence installation needs with Biddle & Brown Fence Co.


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