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The Benefits of Winter Fence Installation

As temperatures continue to drop in the valley and plants go into a period of dormancy, conserving energy, the winter season presents an excellent time to secure your business’s premises by having fence installation completed.

Options that are ideal for security include ornamental iron and chain-link. These materials can be installed around Arizona’s schools, businesses, warehouses, parks, apartment complexes, and municipal buildings. It is best to speak with an experienced fence contractor before choosing one over the other.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing to have fence installation completed during the winter season.

Increased Security

An essential function that fencing provides is the prevention of unauthorized pedestrian and vehicular traffic. That is true of both chain-link and ornamental iron fencing, both of which can also offer privacy with the selection of optional add-ons. There are options for high-security buildings, too, including barbed or razor wire and pressed points. Secure equipment enclosures can also be built to your specifications.

Minimal Disruptions

The winter holidays provide students, whether school-aged or college/university, to break from their classes. Assuming the fencing has been designed and fabricated to your exact specifications, these breaks provide a fence installation contractor the opportunity to install all support posts and the fence, often before the recess ends. This allows there to be minimal disruptions on the property.

Additional Square Footage to Decorate

Spread joy this holiday season by decorating your newly installed fence with cheerful lights, festive garland or wreaths, oversized ornaments, and colorful ribbons. You can search Pinterest for inspiration. To avoid damaging the fencing, use plastic clips, which you can pick up at most any home improvement store. Also, remember only to use products rated for outdoor use, including extension cords. 

Over 35 Years of Fence Installation Experience

Biddle and Brown Fence Company specializes in ornamental iron, chain-link, gate automation, custom fencing, and fence installation.

Our company offers fencing solutions for businesses, municipalities, educational facilities, and sports venues throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Biddle and Brown Fence Company uses only commercial-grade materials to protect your assets from vandalism, theft, and the elements.

To discuss your fence installation requirements and receive a complimentary quote, please contact us today at (602) 456-8999.

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