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Keeping Your Business Secure During the Holidays

The holidays are crazy, so what additional ways aside from chain-link fence for Phoenix businesses, can you take to secure your property? Now is the time to perform these checks because the holiday craziness is not in full swing yet. Biddle and Brown has talked about decorating your business for the holidays, so let's keep the ball rolling with some safety tips. 

Review Your Security Policies

Reviewing security policies with your employees should be one of your first steps in securing your business. You'll ensure that everyone's on the same page and understands all security procedures. Make sure to discuss security plans for emergencies.

You should make sure to review points like securing all valuables while people are away, cybersecurity policies for those working from home, or traveling. You should also cover the rules for inviting guests to any holiday events your business will be throwing.

Check all Security Equipment

If your business has a chain-link fence in Phoenix or anywhere for that matter, make sure to examine the perimeter for issues regularly. After checking your fencing, test all security equipment to ensure they're functioning correctly.

Test systems such as your alarm, cybersecurity software, smart locks, panic buttons, and surveillance cameras to ensure it's working correctly. You'll then want to make sure that things, like holiday decorations, won't be obstructing the equipment's ability to work correctly.

Inform Security Companies of Holiday Hours

With the craziness of the holidays, you may be running on different hours than usual, and you'll need to alert your alarm company of changes. Doing this will allow them to know when you're closed and can watch for suspicious activity.

You should also check your emergency call list and update it if need be. The worst thing would be for something to happen, and your alarm company doesn't have the correct numbers to call to inform you of an issue.

Limit Public Wi-Fi Use

Lots of people check their work email using public Wi-Fi, so you assume it's harmless to do, but it isn't. Public Wi-Fi can leave your personal information and confidential business information vulnerable to the Scrooges out there.

If you or any employees are going to be working remotely during the holidays, make sure to use Virtual Protected Networks (VPNs) to protect company information. Employees can retrieve the necessary resources without having to connect to your company's network physically.

Make Sure to Lock Up

You may think this a no-brainer, but that doesn't make it any less critical. Check that entrances and windows are locked when you leave for the day or the holidays if you're going to be closed for an extended period, especially offices with sensitive information.

If you have an access control system, review all employee codes. Confirm that they only have access to their specific areas. Also, don't be afraid to check your list twice to make sure you didn't leave anything vulnerable exposed.

Chain Link Fence for Phoenix Businesses

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