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Finding the Right Fencing Contractor

If you’re thinking about hiring a commercial fence contractor in 2020, how do you choose the right contractor? Back in July, Biddle and Brown wrote about why you should hire a contractor for these projects and gave you a few questions to ask. No matter how you select your contractor, make sure you ask some of these questions first.

Original Questions

Previously it was recommended that you ask about permits, utility locators, timelines, and fencing options. It would be best if you still inquired about these things because permits and utility locators may not be included in their estimate. Your fencing options will also be determined by the type of project that’s completed.

Additional Questions and Tips

Make sure that you get multiple estimates so you can decide who’s the best contractor for you. Ask about any zoning or physical features that may slow the project. A quality company will know how to handle these issues ahead of time.

If there is a slope to your property, ask how they will handle building the fence with the grading. If the company plans to “step” your fence, how do they plan to fill in the gaps under your perimeter? You don’t want to give intruders easier access to your property. 

To continue with grading issues, how do they plan to keep the height of the fence within the city’s regulation? Will the cost of gates and their hardware be included in the price they present to you? If it’s not, make sure to ask what the additional cost will likely be.

Commercial fencing is designed to last a long time so that the area it’s enclosing remains secure for a longer time, but accidents can happen. Find out of the fencing company provides a warranty for its product. If they do, make sure to find out what the warranty covers, like materials and cost of labor. 

When the company’s estimator comes to your location to survey the area and present you with a rough cost for the project, make sure to check for things like trees and rocks. If they’re in the way, they may have to remove the obstruction or go around. Either of these options could increase the cost of your job, so be prepared for this. 

If there is an existing fence the contractor will be adding to; the estimator will want to check the condition of the barrier. Weakened material will have to be replaced. Also, be aware that limited access to your job site means that materials may have to be carried in by the crew and could increase your timeline and cost. 

Contact a Commercial Fence Contractor

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