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Fall Maintenance for Your Custom Fencing

Hello October, autumn, and spooky season. It is time to enjoy the fall foliage, pumpkin carving, and other seasonal activities. It is also time to ensure your custom fencing remains in optimal condition by trimming overhanging tree branches, preventing leaves from piling up around the fence line, and having repairs made in a timely fashion.

Custom fencing can be fabricated to your exact specifications from either chain-link or ornamental iron to complement the property’s architecture. The term is also used to describe fencing that follows a mountain’s contour, or welded wire mesh lattice structures installed alongside an office building’s landscaped areas.

Trim Your Trees

Overhanging tree branches can rub at the finish on your fence and should, therefore, be trimmed back. Doing this is especially essential if many trees near the fence line border your residential or commercial property. 

Don’t Let Leaves Pile Up

Spotting the rich yellow and red colors is, for many, a favorite fall activity. You can also channel your inner child by raking the leaves into piles and jumping right in. Once the fun is done, though, you should either remove or repurpose them.

Some ideas for repurposing fall leaves include making a scarecrow, perfect for the spooky season, and using them as mulch. Doing this will prevent the leaves, which can retain water, from potentially causing rust to form on your chain-link or ornamental iron fence.

Have Professional Repairs Made

Chain-link and ornamental iron are incredibly durable, but over time, may require repair. Since security is a top concern for most businesses, whether commercial or industrial, it is essential to have repairs made as soon as you notice a problem. A fence contractor should promptly address your custom fencing’s gate automation systems if they are not functioning safely and reliably.

Leading Fence Contractor for Over 35 Years

Biddle and Brown Fence Company is a leading fence contractor offering ornamental iron, chain-link, gate automation, and custom fencing. Our company offers fencing solutions for businesses, municipalities, educational facilities, and sports venues throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Biddle and Brown Fence Company uses only commercial-grade materials to protect your assets from vandalism, theft, and the elements. Contact us today at (602) 456-8999 to discuss your fence installation requirements and receive a complimentary quote.

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