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Automated Gates: Embrace the Magic of the Season

It’s that time of year when the temperatures drop, and people begin to embrace the magic of the season by spreading holiday cheer, hanging festive decorations, attending joyous celebrations, and streaming holiday classics. Another way to embrace the magic of the season while protecting your commercial, industrial, or residential property from holiday grinches is to consider a custom fence solution with automated gates.

The following are some reasons to consider integrating automated gates for a complete fence solution.


There are few things more imposing than a giant nutcracker during the holiday season, apart from an automated gate system, which provides another barrier to stop intruders. In addition, there are various options for controlling pedestrian and vehicular access to your property, such as alert systems, card readers, magnetic sensors, and video intercoms. While a commercial fence contractor can help you determine the best access control system to meet your needs, you can be assured that they’ll all provide enhanced security no matter your choice.


The holidays can be a hectic time of year as people hustle to find the perfect gift, especially amid product shortages, highlighting the importance of providing your customers or residents with convenient yet secure property access. For example, if you have a gated community, you may want to consider integrating an access control system with in-ground magnetic sensors. The sensors will detect the approaching vehicle and open the gates without much hesitation so that your residents don’t have to stop to enter a code or insert a card, increasing the time spent waiting for the gate to open.

Property Value

No matter the season, one of the most valuable property improvements you can make is to install a perimeter security fence coupled with an automatic gate. Potential residents or buyers looking for enhanced security will find this attractive. A custom fence contractor can take accurate measures, provide design recommendations, and fabricate the fence/gate in your choice of chain link or ornamental iron. Both material types have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a good idea to consult the installer. They will then provide installation and operation guidance.

Begin Your Automated Gates Design

Biddle & Brown Fence Company specializes in the fabrication and installation of chain-link and ornamental iron fences, along with complete equipment enclosures and automated gates, for various commercial and industrial applications throughout the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Our company is committed to using the most durable materials and gate operators from trusted manufacturers. Please contact us at (602) 456-8999 to discuss your fence installation needs with Biddle & Brown Fence Co.

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