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3 Common Uses for Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is an excellent cost-effective and versatile solution for protecting properties and equipment. Many benefits associated with this fencing option include galvanized framework, minimal maintenance, weather resistance, and uncompromising durability. The material can also be designed with barbed or razor wire and privacy slats. It is a suitable option for both industrial and commercial applications.

Here are some of the most common uses for chain link fencing.

Perimeter Security

Nothing beats chain link for securing the perimeter of a property. It provides good visibility of the street, allowing you to see through it while simultaneously deterring intruders, helping to protect the building’s occupants and assets. There is also the option for adding barbed or razor wire to its framework should the property require an extra layer of security.

Sports Field Fencing

Another ubiquitous use for this material is to surround running tracks and sports fields, whether for professional or community purposes. In the Valley, sports field fencing is erected around parks, educational facilities, and even Major League Baseball spring training ballparks. It’s also used for dugouts, backstops, batting cages, and outfield fence lines.

Equipment Enclosures

Chain link equipment enclosures are ideal for protecting different apparatuses and products from vandalism or theft. These enclosures can be installed indoors or out, depending on your specific needs, and with the option of reaching ceiling heights. The cages are then installed with a security gate for convenient access to their contents.

Biddle & Brown Fence Company specializes in the fabrication and installation of custom ornamental iron and chain link fencing for businesses, municipalities, educational facilities, sports venues, and more applications throughout Arizona.

Our company also offers gate automation, using only the highest quality, most durable operators from established manufacturers such as LiftMaster® and Doorking. These systems enable businesses to restrict vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines by being proactive in the scheduling process and communicating clearly with subcontractors. To discuss your chain-link fencing installation requirements, please contact us at (602) 456-8999.

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