chain-link fence

Why a Chain-Link Fence?

A chain-link fence in Phoenix has several advantages. In our ever-growing, industrial and commercial city, companies need a cost-effective and durable material to protect large properties. They are secure, affordable, and easily maintained.

Benefits of Chain-Link Fencing


Heavier materials, like cement, can become a security risk for commercial and industrial locations because of reduced visibility. Chain-link is excellent for perimeter-fencing because it is both strong and allows you to see through it. 

If your surveillance team is monitoring your fence line, they’ll need to be able to identify a threat before it comes onto your property. A chain-link fence in Phoenix keeps intruders from being able to hide behind your perimeter.


This type of fencing is the most affordable when used for large installations such as commercial or industrial applications. When fencing a half-acre or bigger lots, fencing can become expensive. 

Choosing chain-link can reduce both your initial and ongoing costs. It will last longer as well. Consumers expect metal-coated chain-link fencing to stand at least 15 years, and manufacturers have improved their process to meet this standard. 

Low Maintenance

These fences use galvanized steel wires woven in the diamond or “U” shape that you typically see. If painted, the cables can resist corrosion for many years, and even unpainted this type of fencing can handle the harshest of weather for years. Their durability means less maintenance that you have to worry about every day.

Installation and Repair

Chain-link fencing is one of the most straightforward fencing systems to install. It’s typically done manually but can become tedious for an inexperienced individual when fencing a large area. 

The best feature of a chain-link fence is how easy they are to repair. If any is damaged, you’ll only need to replace that section and not the entire perimeter. Easy repair is excellent here because repairing a chain-link fence in Phoenix means less time outside exposed to the elements. 

Hire a Commercial Fencing Company

Biddle & Brown Fence Company’s experienced sales, management, and fence installation teams have completed thousands of commercial and industrial jobs over the past 35 years. Whether you’re looking for chain link fencing, automated entrance gates, or ornamental iron fencing, Biddle & Brown is the commercial fence contractor to call. 

We offer the highest quality, durable materials available to ensure the protection of your assets from vandalism, theft, and the elements. Contact us today at (602) 456-8999 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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