Ornamental Iron Fence

Architectural beauty, durability and security are some of the many reasons to install ornamental iron fence. Ornamental iron is one of many terms to describe steel fence, including:

  • Ornamental Iron Fence
  • Wrought Iron Fence
  • Tube Steel Fence
  • Steel Picket Fence

Ornamental iron fence is typically constructed of hollow tube steel, either raw or galvanized (for extra protection from oxidation).
Biddle & Brown Fence has installed a multitude of ornamental iron fence styles throughout Arizona on projects such as schools, water plants, commercial properties and municipal applications. Our ornamental iron fence is primed with either an epoxy primer or a powder coat primer, then finished with an electrostatically applied urethane paint. This process ensures the most consistent, longest lasting protection available.
Ornamental iron fence can be fabricated into an unlimited number of designs, from simple designs common to schools to the most intricate design an architect can dream up. Biddle & Brown fence has 6 basic styles of ornamental iron fence.

  • Guardian
  • Aristocrat
  • Modern
  • Regal
  • Welded Wire
  • Perforated Metal


High security application and imposing presence.


Moderate security and less imposing design with pressed finial tips.


Standard security with traditional look.


Standard security with clean look.

Welded Wire

Perforated Metal

As shown above, ornamental iron fence comes in many styles for various aesthetic and security reasons. For more intricate ornamental iron styles, as well as other unique fence styles, see our Custom Fence page.


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