Commercial Fence

Commercial FenceBiddle & Brown Fence specializes in commercial fencing. Commercial fencing is a broad term referring to any fence or related product that is installed in a commercial or industrial setting. Whether it is a chain link fence, an ornamental iron fence or an equipment enclosure with a corrugated metal top, Biddle & Brown Fence offers the heaviest, most durable materials available to ensure that commercial assets are protected from vandalism, theft and the elements.

Commercial fence characteristics can include the following:

  • Heavy wall tubing (up to ½” thick)
  • 9 ga. and 6 ga. chain link fabric
  • Mini mesh chain link fabric
  • Cable barriers
  • Enlarged concrete post foundations
  • K-4, K-8 or K-12 crash rated fence
  • Razor Ribbon and concertina wire
  • Barbed Wire
  • Bollards
  • Safety railing
  • Guardrail

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Biddle & Brown Fence has installed fence at schools, airports, water treatment facilities, airports, nuclear power plants, electrical substations, zoos, defense contracting facilities, golf courses and commercial facilities throughout Arizona. All our installation crews have OSHA certifications, equipment operator certifications, State of Arizona fingerprint cards, clean background and driving records, and are equipped with the latest PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure that we complete our projects safely.

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Biddle & Brown Fence uses AutoCAD to produce professional quality project submittals to ensure our projects are completed accurately and comply with the project plans and specifications. In a design build scenario, we can design custom styles of fence to satisfy any particular need a commercial customer may require.